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Acoustic Ceiling Tile and Grid Systems

Certainteed Acoustic Ceiling

Certainteed Acoustic Ceiling

The Acoustic ceiling system is sound reducing, taking the rigidness out of a hard ceiling. The ceiling system is specifically designed to remove echo and enhance the sound quality in a room. Systems allow you to cover pipes, wires, and other unsightly necessities and at the same time allowing easy access for repairs. To hang acoustic tiles, a grid of extruded metal is hung by wire loops from the ceiling with a panel resting in each rectangle.

This allows your lighting source to easily drop into any panel. The panels are also easy and accessible to be cleaned; tiles are impact resistant and if they are damaged they may be replaced easily.

At Irwin Builders Supply we carry CertainTeed Ceilings and Grid, Eurostone systems, Chicago Metallic Metal Ceilings and Grid products and a full line of accessory products.  In addition we can can cross refernce equivilent products for many Armstrong Ceiling Tile and WAVE Grid products, as well as USG Ceiling Tiles and Donn Grid Products.  Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales professionals today for more specifics.

Acoustic Wall Panel Systems

Certainteed Acoustic Wall System

Certainteed Acoustic Wall System

Whether you’re an individual or an organization looking to improve and control noise in an environment, sound proofing can be beneficial in more ways than one.

Sound is energy and energy can have positive or negative effect. Acoustical requirements vary with room size, shape and purpose noise suppression is crucial in the development and design of multi-family units and business premises that amplify a significant amount of noise.  Reducing the noise can improve the environmental quality and privacy of any room.

We offer a nice variety of acoustical wall systems at Irwin Builders Supply call one of our sales professionals today for more details on reducing the noise and improving the environmental quality of any indoor space.

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